Square Bubble for IIB & MQ

Sample Dashboards



  • Extend Value

    Use your existing monitoring capability to extend its value.


  • Visibility

    Unparalleled visibility of metrics which are collected from your running WMB/IIB and MQ instances.


  • Supported Sources

    We support Websphere Message Broker Version 7 & 8, IBM Integration Bus Version 9 & 10 and MQ Versions 7, 7.1, 7.5, 8 & 9 both distributed and z/OS versions.


  • Dashboards

    Over 50 pre-built dashboards are available for you to use out of the box. You can also add/build more.


  • Combine Data

    Combine data with other sources to provide unique insights.


  • Supported platforms

    Packaged for RedHat Enterprise Linux Versions 6 & 7. Can also be installed on Fedora, CentOS 6 or 7, Amazon Linux as well as Docker. Available in .tar & .zip formats for other platforms inc Windows, ubuntu, AIX, Solaris, HPUX ...


  • Customisation

    Allows you to acquire just the data you need in the most appropriate format. Add your own data, alerts and dashboards.


  • Supported Destinations

    Splunk Enterprise, Cloud and Light, from version 6.3 are supported.
    Elastic Stack V5.x is supported, specifically ElasticSearch, Kibana and X-Pack.
    File output in various formats are also supported which allows integration to many more targets such as Nagios, and more.


Request a Free trial

(or email innovations@syntegrity.com.au with subject "Free Trial Request SQRBBLIIBMQ1")


Square Bubble for IIB & MQ is proprietary software that requires a license. The price of the license depends upon the number of servers (hosts, either physical or virtual) being monitored and the time period it covers.

Subscription Period 1 year 3 years 5 years
Cost per server per month $100 $75
25% discount
40% discount
Total Cost per server $1,200 $2,700 $3,600
Total Cost to server cap $19,200 $43,200 $57,600

please note:

  • All prices are in USD/AUD (AUD is applicable only within Australia and are exclusive of GST)
  • These prices are only available via the website. You may be able to purchase through a reseller however you should expect to be charged an additional handling fee.
  • A server is an OS image (whether physical or virtual) and may have multiple instances of IIB (i.e. Integration Nodes & Integration Servers) and MQ instances running.
  • Number of servers is capped at 16. If you purchase a license for 16 or more, you will get support for an unlimited number of servers.

Discounts for longer terms at 25% for 3 years and 40% for 5 years represents our gratitude to customers who wish to support us over a longer term.


If you would rather not buy online, we have resellers who can provide a quote. Please contact one of our resellers below:

Syntegrity Solutions, Australia based. Email sales@syntegrity.com.au

Vadosity, based in the US serving all states. Email sales@vadosity.com


Request a Free trial

(or email innovations@syntegrity.com.au with subject "Free Trial Request SQRBBLIIBMQ1")