Square Bubble Version 2 Release Notes

Version 2.1.1

Release date 18th April 2019

This is a bug & minor feature release, which has the following fixes/enhancements:

  1. MQ MQMON System topics leak handles if not authorised to put to unmanaged destination queue
  2. Add support for excludes with wildcards in sub type
  3. Remove optional MQMD fields from all MQ messages
  4. Add positive queue filter attr to MQ source
  5. Add attr to exclude Unit fields from MQMON msgs to MQ source
  6. Write System Topic Schema to MQLOG, which is now enabled by default
  7. Updating previous versions of the Square Bubble RPM on RedHat 7 Enterprise Linux disables the service. Users will have to manually enable the service when updating. Fixed in this version and above.
  8. Maximum interval value has been increased to support 32 bit integers. This allows intervals of 24 hours and greater to be supported, such as for IIBLOCAL sources.

Version 2.1.0

Release date 11th January 2019

This is a feature release, which has the following enhancements:

  1. New ACE (v11) input source added with new data type (ACE) and associated Splunk Dashboards for status data.
  2. New data type (CONFIG) for DataPower to allow the collection of configuration data.
  3. New IIB input source (iiblocal) and data type (BROKERCONFIG) to allow the collection of configuration data by using mqsi commands. This feature is experimental and free, although a valid license is still required to use it.
  4. New attributes (maxConnections & requestTimeout) have been added for the HTTP input sources (ace, datapower & iibrest) to limit the number of HTTP connections used and to enable the setting of the HTTP timeout period. The default for maxConnections is also reduced to 8. The default for HTTP request timeout remains at 30 seconds.
  5. New command line option -runonce to run synchronous tasks (such as gathering config) once only.
  6. Overview dashboard has been updated to include the new source types and also shows a sparkline for the previous hour.
  7. DataPower B2B Services and latency data are also supported and included in the DataPower dashboards.
  8. New attributes (queueSize and maxChunkSize) have been added to the outputDestination object to allow greater control over the batching used for the Splunk HTTP Event Collector.

Version 2.0.1

Release date 11th August 2018

This is a bug fix release, which has the following fixes:

  1. HTTP Buffer Max size increased to 2MB, as used by iibrest sources
  2. Splunk TCPIP Client & Server detailed dashboards now have server dropdown input filters
  3. MQTRACE log level default set to INFO for shipped versions
  4. Additional jars supported in init.d script (applicable to RHEL6)
  5. Corrected the handling of AUTH REC Config changes
  6. Single include filter for QSTATS correctly processed
  7. Filtering using common fields supported in FLOWSTATS/RESOURCES (such as BrokerLabel)
  8. FLOWSTATS & RESOURCES subscriptions in MQ default to use QMGR scope
  9. Ability to override FOWSTATS & RESOURCES subscriptions in MQ to use ALL scope, via new mq source attribute iibSubScope

Version 2.0.0

Release date 16th April 2018

Third Party software

The following software is distributed with the Software, without modification, using the listed licenses:

ArtifactId Version Licenses
MQ Client - Redistributable clients
Splunk sdk - Apache License, Version 2.0
logback-classic 1.2.3 Eclipse Public License - v 1.0- GNU Lesser General Public License
logback-core 1.2.3 Eclipse Public License - v 1.0- GNU Lesser General Public License
jackson-annotations 2.8.0 Apache License, Version 2.0
jackson-core 2.8.10 Apache License, Version 2.0
jackson-databind 2.8.10 Apache License, Version 2.0
jackson-dataformat-xml 2.8.10 Apache License, Version 2.0
jackson-dataformat-yaml 2.8.10 Apache License, Version 2.0
license3j 1.0.7 LGPL License
commons-beanutils 1.9.3 Apache License, Version 2.0
commons-cli 1.3.1 Apache License, Version 2.0
commons-codec 1.10 Apache License, Version 2.0
commons-io 2.5 Apache License, Version 2.0
jaxb-api 2.2.7 CDDL 1.1- GPL2 w/ CPE
joda-time 2.9.9 Apache 2
commons-lang3 3.5 Apache License, Version 2.0
commons-pool2 2.4.2 Apache License, Version 2.0
httpclient 4.5.5 Apache License, Version 2.0
jetty-client 9.4.8 Apache License, Version 2.0- Eclipse Public License, Version 1.0
org.eclipse.paho.client.mqttv3 1.0.2 Eclipse Public License, Version 1.0
syslog4j 0.9.60 LGPL
slf4j-api 1.7.25 MIT License