Square Bubble Version 2

Square Bubble is a comprehensive monitoring and governance solution aimed at IBM ACE, IIB, MQ & DataPower

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  • Visibility

    Unparalleled visibility of metrics which are collected from your running ACE, IIB, MQ & DataPower instances.
  • Extend Value

    Use your existing monitoring capability to extend its value.
  • Supported Sources

    We support DataPower, firmware versions V5+, IBM App Connect Enterprise Version 11, IBM Integration Bus Version 9 & 10, Websphere Message Broker Version 7 & 8 and MQ Versions 7, 7.1, 7.5, 8 & 9 both distributed and z/OS Versions
  • Dashboards

    Pre-built dashboards are available for you to use out of the box. You can also add/build more.
  • Combine Data

    Combine data with other sources to provide unique insights.
  • Supported platforms

    Packaged for RedHat Enterprise Linux Versions 6 & 7. Can also be installed on Fedora, CentOS 6 or 7, Amazon Linux as well as Docker. Available in .tar & .zip formats for other platforms inc Windows, ubuntu, AIX, Solaris, HPUX ...
  • Governance

    Collect configuration data to enable change detection and checks to be automated.
  • Customisation

    Allows you to acquire just the data you need in the most appropriate format. Add your own data, alerts and dashboards.
  • Supported Destinations

    Splunk Enterprise, Cloud and Light, from version 6.3 are supported.
    Elasticsearch V5.X, and
    File output in various formats are also supported which allows integration to many more targets such as Nagios, and more.
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Square Bubble Version 2 is a subscription based product, with different tiers based on the number and type of services being monitored. It is also feature based to allow multiple features to be shipped by a single product. The features we support include:

Each feature is licensed per host (an operating system image, virtual or physical with a single IP address). You can have as many instances of the product (such as IIB Nodes/Server) on the same host.

Prices start at $100 (AUD/USD) per calendar month per feature. This is the most you will pay per feature. All licenses for the same feature accrue the same charge, however, if you purchase a second (or third) feature, the unit cost is reduced by 33% (and 66%, respectively). The highest price is paid for the greatest number of licenses per feature, followed by the second highest then the lowest. Features are also capped at 20 hosts, once you go above this, you only pay for 20 but have an unlimited license for the feature.

Licenses can be purchased for the following time periods:

Price Calculator

License Term Price
1 year $0
3 years (10% discount) $0
5 years (25% discount) $0

Prices exclusive of GST or any other taxes that may apply in your country.


Square Bubble can be bought through one of our resellers. To get a quote please contact a reseller for your region:

Syntegrity Solutions
Based in Australia.
Email sales@syntegrity.com.au

Request a Free trial

(or email innovations@syntegrity.com.au with subject "Free Trial Request sqrbbl2")