How to install Monitoring of IBM Integration Bus V10+ Message flow stats (IIBMonFree)

Installation Instructions

Version 1.1, 10 November 2015


These instructions are for the installation of the free splunk app called Monitoring of IBM Integration Bus V10+ Message flow stats (IIBMonFree) available from Square Bubble.


We recommend you read all the instructions before you start the install. Items in quotes such as 'this' are labels that appear literally as directed.

  1. Download and install Splunk Free or Splunk Enterprise. Please note that Splunk Enterprise is a licensed product and you are responsible for its use within the terms of the license. More installation details can be found here. We recommend you use the latest supported version (6.3 at the time of writing these instructions).
  2. Download and install java version 7 or above. This app will not work with any earlier version of Java. We have tested the app with OpenJDK, Oracle and IBM JVMs.
  3. Start Splunk, more details can be found here.
  4. Load the Splunk Web app into a support browser (such as chrome) using the address of the server you installed it on and the port, for example localhost:8000.
  5. Select 'Apps' | 'Manage Apps', then you can install either from the web app via splunkbase or manually.
    1. To install from splunkbase,
      1. click on 'Find more Apps' and search for IBM Integration Bus,
      2. Once found, click on the 'Install' or 'Install free' button
    2. To install manually:
      1. Download the app from splunkbase (this requires you to be registered) hosted app page. Make a note of the location to which you downloaded the app, as you will need this later
      2. In Splunk Web, select 'install app from file' button
      3. select 'choose file' | locate the downloaded app | 'upload'
  6. Select the 'launch app' action and follow the instructions to set up the app

Details of how to setup this app can be found here

We strongly recommend that you do not change the provided dashboard or charts but use them as a basis for other charts should you wish to enhance or adapt them for your own use.

Changing the provided resources can also prevent updates.


This app is covered by the Syntegrity Innovations Freeware license


Support is available during normal office hours AEST. We also observe all public holidays in the state of Victoria.