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Square Bubble 2

Square Bubble Version 2

Our premium monitoring agent for IBM Integration Bus, Datapower and MQ. It provides unparalleled visibility of your running instances and supports Splunk (Enterprise, Light and Cloud).

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Square Bubble for IIB & MQ

Square Bubble for IIB & MQ

Our legacy monitoring agent for IIB/WMB and MQ. It provides visibility of your running instances and supports Splunk (Enterprise, Light and Cloud) and Elastic.




A free Splunk App that provides basic monitoring of IBM Integration Bus V10+ Message flow stats. Available from splunkbase, with installation and setup instructions.

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Square Bubble is a product suite developed by Syntegrity Innovations . It is a one stop shop for all your Integration Monitoring and Governance needs.

Our first group of products are targeted at customers who use the IBM Integration Bus as their integration hub or enterprise service bus. We have built agents that provide invaluable details of what is going on inside this product which will enable visibility and greater insights into your deployment. Our free applications provide a subset of these key metrics so you can begin to realise the potential this data has.

These key metrics can provide help in identifying issues you may not be aware of as well as provide data that can aid in capacity planning and management. The data can be used on its own or combined with other data and displayed in a range of dashboards, whether they are hosted on Splunk, ELK, OpsDash or another that can support the input of files. We can emit files in a variety of formats which includes CSV & JSON.

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